Using Dog Positive Power Training To Train Your Dog

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Using Dog Positive Power Training To Train Your Dog

by Ben Ehinger

What is dog positive power training? Why is this is the method of training that is highly recommended? What do you need to know in order to train your dog with positive power training?

Basically, dog positive power training is a method that uses a reward system. This system is set up to teach your puppy not to do certain thing and to do other things in their place. By using positive techniques you will be able to teach your dog good habits and break any bad habits without using a shock collar or hurting your dog.

Why would you want to hurt your dog anyway? We do not have pets so that we can feel superior. We have them so we can feel loved and it gives us something to love and take care of. It is not necessary to hit your dog or hurt your dog in order to train it.

Physical contact of this sort actually makes it harder to break your dog of bad habits. You have to use good physical contact like petting, shaking hands, and scratching to train your dog. This will show your dog love and it will also teach them that they get rewarded for good behavior.

It is very important to treat your dogs the right way and with respect. You will be shown more love and will gain more rewards from your dog by showing them love and training them with positive power training. Showing your dog love will only bring you closer to your pet.

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