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Versatile Dog Gift Baskets

by John Wellington

One of the newest crazes in presents this year is dog gift baskets. It isn?t odd to see the little doggie stockings with treats in them around Christmas time, but lately dog lovers have found that giving these great gifts for pets is a fantastic way to let their little baby know they love them. Dog gift baskets usually consist of dog treats, a sweater, gourmet food, squeeze toys and a chew rope.

I decided to make my own for my sister-in-law?s dog, Tickles. Tickles is a female Pomeranian. My sister-in-law loves her dog so much that she has birthday parties for her. Yes, we wore party hats and sang happy birthday to her and had a cake for her. It was actually charming. I decided to send Tickles a home made basket for Christmas one year.

Dog gift baskets are very versatile so I decided to get creative with the project. I bought a wicker basket and put a pillow in it that I made. I found fabric that said ?I love my mommy? on it. I then took a baby doll nightgown and cut the front open to the top panel. I sewed the edges so her feet were free. I also made an opening for her fluffy tail to curl up out of.

Then I took doggie treats with the soft center and poked a hole up through it. Red and green ribbons added a little color. I made 6 of these and put them in a sleepy time tea box. I then took booties that I found for a baby doll and a nightcap that I attached a ribbon to for her head.

The bedtime theme was just one of two dog gift baskets that I created for Tickles. The second was a great toy collection that any pup would adore. I bought several squeeze toys like a bear and rubber ducks. I added some chew sticks that I wrapped in ribbon and added tassels to the tops.

I found dog treats that resembled cookies and put them in a box and decorated it to look like tea cookies. I then took thin pieces of wicker and built a frame around one end of the dog gift baskets to form a cover.I used the same fabric from the pillow that I made and attached it to the frame.

Lace was then sewed into the fabric to give the presentation an extra special touch. I then took a thin piece of fabric and attached Velcro to it. I then put Velcro on the frame and draped the fabric over the entire basket. My sister in law and little Tickles loved the dog gift baskets that I made her.

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