Want Your Dog To Walk On A Loose Leash

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Want Your Dog To Walk On A Loose Leash

by Lesa Bolt

Want to walk your dog without your dog walking you. All you have to do is learn one huge thing. Once you understand this you will not only be able to walk your dog but do many other things with your dog and your dog will start to respect you.

Yes, the answer is simple. You must become the dog's pack leader. This is accomplished easily. You are just setting boundaries and limitations and treating your dog how you would treat your child.

Would you let your child do whatever they want? We want your dog to know that you make the decisions. Most people let their dog run the house and do whatever they want. They don't make them wait to eat, wait to go out the door and walk with them. Do you realize that when a dog pulls ahead of you and sniffs the ground they are actually being in charge and the leader. They do not respect you.

Let's start with walking your dog. You must not allow them to lead the walk. Whenever they get ahead of you, you must turn in the opposite direction and keep walking and again when they catch up with you change directions again and let them get tugged on the leash when you go in the opposite direction. Once you start to be in control all you would have to do is keep his leash at your side and behind you.

In the wild the leader of a pack of dogs is always in front and the other dogs are always at his side or behind him. He does not coddle the other dogs or say he is sorry. He stays aloof.

So when you go on your walk you do not allow him to do what he wants. You can stop and give him a command like "free" so that he may sniff the bush or fire hydrant to relieve himself but when you decide. Your dog no matter what you think does not need to urinate on every bush or corner post that he sees or smells.

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