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Warm Dog Clothing

by Grant Carroll

The signs are all there. The leaves on the trees have all changed, and the air is cold and crisp. Winter is coming and while you purchase your sweaters, coats and winter accessories, it?s easy to forget about man?s best friend. There is much debate about whether dogs needs warm clothes, but if you own a little puppy like a Chihuahua, Yorkie, or Miniature Pincher, you know how hard winter conditions can be on their little bodies. Larger dogs can also benefit now and again from supplemental bundling and extra care.

Toy dogs in particular have a higher metabolism and dissipate body heat faster than larger dogs. A quality sweater is a necessity and will help hold in heat. Thick coats are needed in colder climates and sometimes both a coat and sweater are needed to keep your little darling warm. Most big dogs can occasionally benefit from a light sweater or jacket as well. It is important to choose clothes that can easily be put on and taken off. There are many unique warm clothes varieties and styles so finding the right clothes should be easy and fun.

During the cold winter months, it is especially important to pay special attention to your furry friend?s tender paws. Winter conditions can bring blisters, cuts and cracked pads. Rock salt and chemicals can make these injuries painful and causes infections. The easiest way to prevent this is to have your pampered pet where booties for protection. Boots can be worn by any size dog. To get you puppy acquainted to shoes before the first snow hits, reward them with treats and make the experience fun.

With so many choices of boots to choose from, it should be easy to find the right shoe for your pet. On the other hand, it you elect against booties for your pet, it is important to keep his paws well groomed. You can also purchase an organic wax-based cream to help protect paws.

There are many fashionable warm clothes and coats to show off your puppy?s personality. Have fun choosing clothing and accessories but remember to protect your pampered pet during the winter months.

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