Was Poison Added to Your Dog Food On Purpose

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Was Poison Added to Your Dog Food On Purpose

by M Bruno

A veterinary association asks dog owners not to throw away dog food that is subject to the worldwide recall after causing renal failure and death to thousands of dogs and cats. To make matters worse the poison additive may have been included intentionally by dog food companies.

The South African Veterinary Association is calling on dog owners to take contaminated dog food to their veterinarian as the dog food crisis spreads it?s tentacles of sickness and death .

The reason cited by SAVA is that recalled dog food that is merely discarded has the potential of exposing the environment to toxins which could ultimately contaminate and cause illness to more animals as well as humans. The recommendation of SAVA is that recalled dog food should be incinerated.

The danger of feeding your dog melamine tainted food is now well established. Melamine is used in the production of plastics and dogs that eat food that has been contaminated by melamine may suffer from renal or kidney failure and die.

The question of dog owners everywhere is how melamine got into their dog?s food in the first place. The answer is shocking. News reports indicate that:

Poison in Your Dog Food May Be No Mistake

A story reported by USA Today says that the poison chemical additive, melamine, may have been added to your dog food on purpose by commercial dog food companies. The reason for this is that melamine has the potential of faking higher levels of protein in dog food.

In response to questioning by the U.S. Senate recently, dog food industry representatives claim that the products they manufacturer are safe.

Imagine that. The ?healthy, nutritious, complete and balanced dog food? pitches we are daily bombarded with as the end all to our dog?s health and longevity is not only less than nutritional, it is a poison, masked as food, to dupe unwitting buyers.

Dog food companies are claiming that it is not their fault that melamine is in the dog food. This is nonsense. When we buy dog food for our best friend we are placing the health and safety of our beloved dogs in the hands of the companies that offer us those products.

It is a breach of trust on the part of dog foods companies who fail to properly test the junk they peddle as healthy dog food. The true story behind the current dog food recall which has stores pulling more than one hundred brands of pet and dog food is that the industry has been selling garbage under the guise of a healthy food product for more than forty years. And this recall is just the first of many.

Dog food as a popular product on store shelves appeared in postwar America as an answer to the needs of business to find the most profitable way to recycle industrial waste, including euthanized dogs, downed, dead, dying and diseased animals, feathers, bone, blood and worse.

Before feeding any dog food to your dog make sure that it is not subject to recall. Make sure you know exactly what ingredients make up the food in your dog?s diet.

Consider only high grade dog food sold at small independent stores that are human grade and free of fillers, junk and toxins. Another option is to make your own dog food at home. A healthy combination of meat and veggies will be good for your dog and you will be assured that your pooch is not at risk from poison dog food.

Do you buy dog food at a trusted big chain store or supermarket? Do you believe dog food companies have your dog?s best interest at heart? Find out if your dog food is safe at http://www.dogs-4life.com/dog-food-that-kills.html

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