Watch Your Dog Eat

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Watch Your Dog Eat

by Eric Hartwell

If you have a dog they you will most probably be aware that they can eat pretty fast! Some dogs can appear greedy and out of control when eating - especially when it is something they really enjoy.

Have you ever given a dog a bone and playfully gone to try and steal it away from him? The likelihood is that he will snarl, bare his teeth and even plan to attack you. This is not because he is aggressive or because he is greedy. It's all in the evolution.

You see, dogs (and their predecessors, wolves) lived in times when food was scarce and had to be caught. There was much competition and infighting. Enemies would either kill prey first or steal and scavenge the killings of others. Then, within packs, there was a hierarchy which meant that the most powerful dogs got the best of the spoils.

Eating quickly and trying to defend what you have already was a way of ensuring survival.

This is exactly the instincts that the domestic dog employs. He doesn't do it on purpose. He is driven by his ancestral engine. He is looking out for his own survival even though the next moment he will be lying at your feet or playing in the garden.

We witness the ancestral foundations of your dog's development when we see him eating and protecting his food. In this way, in times gone by, he protected his own survival and made it more likely that he would procreate and thereby assure the continued survival of his genetic line.

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