Ways To Reduce Dog Care Costs

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Ways To Reduce Dog Care Costs

by F Terrence Markle

You should treat your dog as another member of the family. You have a responsibility as a dog owner to provide your pet with veterinarian health care. It is critical that you provide all the necessary vaccinations, annual health checkups and other medical care to help ensure your dog will live a nice long healthy life.

Dog health care can be expensive. Let?s not fool ourselves. This is especially true if there are dog health problems or injuries that occur from time to time. The following tips are an effort to help save some money while providing good health care for your dog.

Rabies Shots

Rabies tend to be more prevalent in some states and areas than in others. As a dog owner, you are required by law to get annual rabies shots for your pet dog. Check with the local animal shelter. The shelter or some other animal organization might provide a significant saving on the rabies shots. The service offered by your local animal shelter could save you a lot of money when compared to what a veterinarian charges.

Shelter Clinics

Your local animal shelter may offer other medical services for your pet dog. Check and see if they have a veterinarian in-house to provide shelter clinic care. If they do, the shelter clinic is usually open to the public and in many cases will reduce the health care of your dog. Contact the local animal shelter to see what services are provided and any additional information you may need. The services offered could be vaccinations or emergency care if your dog sustains an injury.

Multiple Dog Vet Discount

Some people have more than one dog. It would be nice to find a veterinarian that provides discount pricing to dog owners for multiple pets. It could be well worth the time and trouble to check out multiple veterinarians in your locality to see if you can get a multiple pet discount for vet health care services. Make certain you ask your veterinarian because they typically will not volunteer this information.

Spay or Neuter Your Dog

It is usually a good idea to spay (remove the reproductive organs of a female dog) or neuter (remove the testicles of a male dog) unless you desire to raise the offspring. It is very possible for a dog to have unwanted births if they are not neutered or spayed. This in turn can lead to other health care costs and injuries. Your dog?s reproductive cycle can lead to bad situations when your dog is in heat. Different types of animal cancer can be prevented by getting your pet dog spayed or neutered. In turn, this can have a positive impact on reducing your veterinarian costs.

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