What Are The Pros And Cons Of Big Dog Ownership

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Big Dog Ownership

by Jia Hunter

Owning a big dog is a huge responsibility that you must not take lightly. The decision to own a big dog will have a huge impact not only on you and your loved ones but also on everyone else in today?s society. If you?re thinking of owning a big dog, think long and hard not only about the decision but also about the consequences of the decision. A dog owner should assume full responsible from the decision, to the type of dog, the number of dogs, the care of the dog for however long that may be. When you own a big dog you will want to be a positive role model of a dog owner and hopefully your dog will also be a positive figure towards big dog ownership.

Many people who grew up around dogs eventually go on to own a dog when they get older and when they have families. However there are some people in society who do not share the same attitude or beliefs about dogs. Many people don't like how dog?s behave as they smell other dogs, mark territory, get aggressive with others dogs, show pack behavior and leave behind a mess when they have to relieve themselves. There are other people who are terrified or afraid that they may confront an angry big dog while walking, riding or just going about in public places. Other people have cultural and religious beliefs about dogs, others may have had a bad experience with a dog, and some may even have a phobia which makes big dog ownership a negative one.

Big dog ownership is a huge responsibility that has many positive rewards however we cannot ignore the fact that many people have a negative outlook on big dog ownership. Most people who were around dogs when younger still have a positive outlook and go on to own a dog when older. Many people who have not had been around dogs can still encounter positive benefits from dogs and see dog ownership as a positive experience. They can encounter dogs at parks, shows, pet shops, neighborhood, friends, relatives and in general public places.

Most normal pet dogs bring advantages we may not even be aware off. Most big dogs guard there premises with their life. They also do this with members of the household as well. Most big dogs are on duty 24/7 although we may not be aware of this. They are constantly watching out for danger or for the safe return of members of the household. They signal, bark or behave differently when something is about to happen.

Other benefits that dog ownership may bring are for people with illnesses like epileptic fits. Dogs have a heightened sense and can alert the owner that they are about to have a fit. They can also go get assistance for their owner when they are in need of medical assistance via a telephone or through barking and other behaviors. These dogs may not be professionally trained however most dogs have this ability to pick up on things that the human may not.

Guide Dogs for the blind are another way dogs have had a huge impact on a person?s life. A guide dog is a specially trained dog that acts as a sight or mobility aid for the person who may be blind or have other visual impairments. These guide dogs assist the owner in everyday life to obstacles, and other such things which may cause difficulty. They are trained to enable the person to go about their daily life from location to location by various means. Not only does the dog offer mobility they also offer love and a deep companionship and bond that a person without a disability may never understand.

For the normal human who does not have a disability, owning a big dog still has many benefits: Dogs help with loneliness, depression, isolation, stress, anxiety and may other human conditions. Being around a dog or stroking a dog can bring instant calm and happiness. Dogs can also keep us active and fit as we can exercise while giving our pet dog their daily exercise. Although big dog ownership is a huge responsibility it is quite obvious that the benefits of owning a dog far out way the negative ones.

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