What Is The Right Puppy Breed For Me

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What Is The Right Puppy Breed For Me

by Eric Hartwell

Dogs can be so adorable as household pets. It is a worldwide fact that most people would make a preferable choice to having dogs as pets as opposed to other domesticated animals. Maybe this is because dogs somehow are almost like humans and can relate well to us as well as provide companionship when needed.

You may be on the look out for a puppy because you want to own one or probably you have given a promise to your children that a puppy is on the way. Have you ever thought about what type or breed of dog you will be looking for?

Most people are drawn to buying dogs because of its charming and endearing looks or probably they may have liked its playful nature when they went for a visit to the local pet shop. True enough, when a cute dog licks at you or lovingly cuddles at your arms when you carry it, the situation can be so heart warming that you make the impulsive decision of buying that dog without even considering certain factors that would later on transpire with you or your family being not able to properly care for it. Aside from considering the costly expenses you may have incurred from the acquisition to the vaccines, food and dog paraphernalia that you may have invested on, a strained relationship between the dog and its master can be heart wrenching for both the dog and dog owner as well.

Do your homework: Research

It is important that you do your research before buying any particular breed to check if the needs of this particular dog would be met by your family and if its personality and characteristics would match your requirements as well. Most dog breeds have innate or inborn characteristics and personalities. There have been numerous cases of people giving up their dogs to animal shelters because they feel bothered and irritated by certain characteristics that their dog may be possessing. You should well be prepared to deal with any health or behavior problems that you may encounter with regards to your dog in the future.

Rely on reliable sources

There are many people out there who are just out to dispose or sell their puppies to you. They may tell you how easy it is to take care of them and that it would be a no brainer on your part. It is important that you get to obtain accurate information to avoid regrets that would affect not only you but your dog as well. It is best to obtain sources from the library or the internet with regards to taking care of the needs of a particular breed. You can even talk to current and previous dog owners to ask them about their experiences so that you could gauge if you can handle the requirements of this particular dog.

Choosing a puppy is all a matter of making a sound decision for an additional family member. You have to know answers such as the maximum size and weight the dog could attain, its lifespan, what and how much it eats, can the dog be trained, its behavior towards children and other pets, its mood and temper, grooming needs, and on whether it needs any special care. You can?t just go and buy the next dog that you?ll find yourself attracted to.

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