What To Look For In Dog Training Ebooks

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What To Look For In Dog Training Ebooks

by Keith Perrett

Buying a dog training ebook is one of the alternatives to enrolling in a dog training class, or indeed buying a book on dog training.

While there are many advantages to taking this route - easily searched for, instantly downloadable, full money back guarantee (if you buy wisely!), the real reason you are buying a dog training ebook is that you want to train your dog yourself.

The crux of the matter then is: will your choice of dog training e-book do the job for you? Will it educate you sufficiently for you to achieve success in your bid to train your dog?

Putting aside for the moment the reality that some dog training ebook's just wont appeal to some people because of the style of writing, layout etc, lets consider what any good dog training course should cover.

Top of the list as far as I am concerned is an in-depth look into the pschology of dog training, because without understanding how the mind of a dog works, you will never really master the art of training dogs, or be able to tackle aberrant dog behaviours as and when they occur.

Although from here on in, the training requirements really depend on your particular cirumstances, I believe the following three training areas would form a sound basis for enhancing most human - dog relationships, which is what training is really all about.

1) Socialisation. There are two main areas here - socialisation with other dogs, and socialisation with people, particularly children. All this really means is that your dog becomes comfortable around other dogs and people and is thus less likely to view them as a threat which could lead to antisocial behaviour such as biting.

2) Obedience. Not only is an obedient dog a pleasure to have around, but they are less likely to exhibit antisocial behaviour because they respond positively to your commands.And by obedience I do not mean performing tricks on command!

3) House Training. If your dog is going to come into your living space, then appropriate house training will definitely improve the human-animal relationship.

Those are , in my opinion, the essentials. However, most good dog training e-books would go further and examine subjects such as excessive barking, whining and chewing and so on (i.e. various behavioural problems) as well as disciplines such as walking on a leash.

You can achieve a lot with your best friend simply by investing in a well researched and presented dog training ebook. The bonus of course is that in most cases, if you don't like what you get, you are covered by a money back guarantee.

Keith Perrett is a qualified Veterinarian.Find out more about suitable dog training ebooks

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