What Types Of Barking Problems Do Dogs Have

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What Types Of Barking Problems Do Dogs Have

by Keith Burke

Before you start any form of training in order to sort out your dogs barking problems you need to understand what is causing it. In some cases it may just be a simple case or removing a stimulus or you may have a dog that enjoys barking at everything and anything. But what ever the problem is it is best to start with a plan in order to sort it out. In this article we will take a look at some specific types of barking problems and how they can be dealt with.

1. Attention Seeking

If your dog is barking because it wants your attention then the easiest way of dealing with this is by not giving in to them. So instead of shouting at him telling him to be quiet what you should in fact do is walk out of the room where he is and ignore him. Then as soon as he stops barking and goes quiet return to the room and praise him. What is important when trying to stop the attention seeking barking problem is that you should praise and reward them enthusiastically when they have become quiet. You may find that initially you will need to praise them for just being quiet for a few seconds but the more time you take in dealing with this barking problem then the as time goes on you will find that the length of time your dog stays quiet will increase.

2. Dogs who find it difficult to be on their own.

If you discover from your neighbors that your dog is barking whilst you are away in the day then this is their attempt at trying to gain your attention so that you don't leave them alone. However, it may be worthwhile taking some time and recording your dog during a day when you are out to see if anything in particular is causing them to bark. You may find it is something as simple as them being able to see out of a window and they start barking at anyone who walks past your home. If this is the cause then move them to an area of the house where they can not see people passing the front of your property. But if your dog is barking constantly for no apparent reason then you will need to spend a few days teaching them that they need to be quiet when you are gone. The best way of dealing with this type of barking problem is by you pretending to leave the home and then sitting just outside your front door. Once your dog begins barking or whining you should not enter the house and start yelling at them instead have a good throw can that you can shake outside the door. Then once your dog has stopped barking and is quiet you can enter the home and praise him.

These are just a couple of barking problems that owners of dogs may face so the way in which you deal with any barking problems relies on you being patient.

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