What You Can Do to Help Your Arthritic Dog Lead a Pain Free Life

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What You Can Do to Help Your Arthritic Dog Lead a Pain Free Life

by Jean Morgan

Dogs are a man's best friend because they simply make excellent companions and remain constantly loyal. They share many of our joys and can alleviate our sorrows. However, that is not all they share with humans. Just like humans, dog's can have arthritis too and it is just as painful and as debilitating for dogs as it is for humans.

Dog arthritis is an ailment that greatly challenges a dog's quality of life because the joint problems that they encounter limits their mobility and disallows them to do certain activities that they used to enjoy like taking walks and being generally active. Dog arthritis is especially common in dogs of a large breed.

Dog arthritis can set in with age, especially if your pet is over weight, and dog arthritis can result from physical trauma. The pain your pet experiences from dog arthritis is due to the breakdown of cartilage surrounding his or her joints that cause extreme discomfort during movement. The same thing happens to humans who have arthritis.

You may begin to suspect that your pet has dog arthritis if he or she begins to exhibit signs of difficulty in jumping or climbing steps. Dog arthritis will also pose as a challenge for your dog to get up from resting and will begin to make your pet reluctant to walk or play. The pain that your pet experiences from dog arthritis is comparable to those in humans because the cause is pretty much the same. This is why medications for dog arthritis can be similar to those for humans.

You will need to check with your vet and work with him on the best medication for your pet's dog arthritis. Keep in mind however that these medicines can be quite costly and some may have side effects on your beloved pet. It is therefore very important to understand and discuss these at length with your vet so that together you can decide the best treatment for your pet's dog arthritis.

Aside from medication, there are other ways that you can help alleviate your pet's suffering from dog arthritis. You can start by making sure that your pet has a very comfortable bed. The hard floor or a stiff and rigid place of rest can further aggravate the pain that your pet goes through because of dog arthritis. It would also be advisable to raise your dog's bed appropriately to prevent your pet from bending his or her joints too much.

You should also watch your dog's diet and maintain a healthy weight. The heavier your dog, the more impact his or her joints have to endure which causes more pain in the case of dog arthritis. You should discuss certain food products that are good for your dog's diet and weight and also have ingredients that help alleviate the symptoms of dog arthritis.

Once you find out that your pet has dog arthritis, you should also begin to minimize his activities and provide for gentler exercise rather than a rigorous routine. It is still advisable that exercise be continued provided that you can observe that your pet can tolerate the activity. If you stop his exercise and activities altogether, your pet may gain weight and further increase the gravity of his or her dog arthritis.

Glucosamine based products have shown to be beneficial to both humans and animals. There is a wide range of these products available at a wide range of prices. Painkillers such as Dog Gone Pain may also alleviate some of the pain and help your dog to stay comfortable.

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