What You Should Know About Organic Raw Dog Food

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What You Should Know About Organic Raw Dog Food

by Paula Zuehlke

Raw food diets entail feeding a type of diet to dogs, which excludes all type of commercial dog foods and includes all healthy, natural ingredients instead. There are many benefits to feeding this type of diet to your dog, including but not limited to all of the following:

  • A raw food diet will help to naturally clean teeth, which means a healthier mouth and less need for extra dental care.
  • Raw food diets promote healthy digestion.
  • Dogs who eat raw food diets tend to produce less stool.
  • Dogs who eat raw food diets tend to be healthier, which means fewer veterinary bills in the long run.
  • Raw food diets are typically much less expensive than commercial kibble and canned dog foods.
  • Raw food diets are developed to mirror the types of food a dog would be eating in the wild.
  • Puppies who are eating raw tend to develop at a rate which is more appropriate. Puppies are not meant to have growth spurts, and raw food diets seem to curb them.
  • All of the ripping and chewing that is involved in feeding raw while help your dog develop his or her jaw, shoulder and neck muscles. This will cater to your dog's natural instinct to chew and will likely keep him or her from being destructive in other ways.
  • People who have recently moved their dog(s) to a raw food diet from regular commercial dog foods have cited all of the following changes in behavior:

  • Dogs who were un-energetic or sluggish have become energized and completely renewed once the raw food diet has begun.
  • Allergies that were traced to commercial food ingredients disappeared, thanks to the new, natural eating plan.
  • Arthritis symptoms have been reduced significantly, or even disappeared all together in many dogs who have been switched to raw dieting.
  • Weight control is much easier for dogs on natural raw diets.
  • Dogs on raw diets tend to smell better overall.
  • Dogs who have been eating raw food diets tend to live longer than dogs who are only eating commercial foods.
  • Puppies who are eating raw food diets are growing at the right speed and have better survival figures than puppies eating commercial dog foods.
  • There are many problems associated with commercial dog foods, including the following:

  • Dog food should not be cooked, because nature did not intend for animals to eat processed and cooked foods. Much of the nutritional value associated with the natural ingredients is destroyed in the cooking process.
  • Dogs need to be able to chew on raw, meaty bones because they have a lot of benefits. Raw meaty bones clean teeth, and help to develop muscles in the neck and jaw. Chewing bones also helps to slow down the eating process that can help to ensure that a dog does not over eat.
  • Commercial dog foods are mostly made up of cereals, not the raw meaty bones that your dog should be eating. These cereals are commonly the cause for canine allergies.
  • Commercial diets are filled with colors, salts and preservatives. There are additives present which help a dog overeat.

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