What is the Best Food for Your Dog Consider Home Cooked or Organic

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What is the Best Food for Your Dog Consider Home Cooked or Organic

by Dan Buchman

Our pets today suffer from many new aliments than from years in the past. We are seeing more allergy related problems such as weight loss, skin irritations, excessive hair loss and constant itching and scratching. Our dogs are experiencing more heart disease, cancer, liver and kidney issues and other serious illnesses. What is the cause? Many Vets attribute these slowly degrading health issues in our pets to a lack of nutrition in the food we feed our dogs. More specifically, the commercially produced dog food we buy has continued to degrade in quality with little to no regulatory policies in place. To combat these conditions, many pet owners are turning to organic and natural alternatives and are seeing the positive results. Do a little research for yourself on the internet to see the growing number of organic and natural on-line stores pop up. Take advantage of these sites and learn from them, many of them offer free advice in regards to your pet's nutrition.

Do You Know What You Are You Feeding Fido?

That chicken or beef flavored dog food you are feeding your dog may or may not have any chicken or beef in the food. It's not required based on FDA guidelines. It may have less than 25% of the total packaged product but you will never really know for sure because of the relaxed FDA guidelines. These lower quality commercial pet foods are filled with fillers, by-products and chemical preservatives. How familiar are you about the ingredients in your pet's food? Ask yourself these questions - Is the meat listed first or is corn or grain listed first? Is BHT, BHA or ethoxyquin present in the food? These are chemical preservatives that are banned for human use; why would you want to poison your pets with these preservatives. The allowable level of these in pet food is 1.0 PPM (parts per million). The way that pet food manufacturers get around this issue is to mix grains with a high concentrate of these preservatives with grains of lesser levels thus blending the grains and lowering the concentrations. If they cared they would eliminate the grains with the higher mycotoxins and only use unaffected grains - but this would cost too much! How healthy is your dog, do you really know? You probably think you are doing the best for him but all along you may be slowly feeding him harmful food. With such loose regulations on dog food labeling it would be very difficult to determine or understand the quality of the dog food you currently purchase, unless of course you are already made the right decision and converted over to a higher quality organic or natural dog food.

What are the Options?

Give your dog some home cooking, this gives your dog variety and you can control the nutritional value. You can also control the quality of the food and calorie intake. However, home cooking for your pet is time-consuming and also requires a certain level of knowledge. Be careful when first starting your dog on a home cooked diet. Don't over feed your dog, don't mix raw and cooked meat in the food, and make sure your dog is getting the recommended daily balance of vitamins and supplements. Does this sound difficult? For some it can be a daunting task to embark on a home cooked diet for their pet. Check with your Vet before starting a home cooked diet. Check the internet for ebooks on this subject. There are many great sources available that will teach you about the home cook diet and all the associated steps. Don't venture into this area alone or unprepared.

Start Slow but Cautious
Another alternative is to shift to an organic or natural pet food. The good news is that many quality online companies offer excellent product selections and have taken the guess work out of balancing nutrition, caloric intake and supplements. The cost may seem to be higher than the lower quality commercial food you are buying today, but when you consider the long-term health benefits you'll find the cost is actually lower. Another hidden benefit is that organic dog food is denser and richer in nutrients which means your dog will need lees food to be satisfied. While your dog is enjoying a healthy organic diet you can continue to research and learn about other natural alternatives. Any way you decide to go, moving away from the cheaper, lower quality commercial dog food is best and only path to take.

Is commercially manufactured dog food killing your pet? Do you really know what ingredients are used and how safe they are for your dog? Have you been lulled into a false sense of security just because you are buying store bought dog food? For more details and answers to the questions mentioned above and in this article, please visit my site at - organic-dogfood.com
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