What is the Most Effective Dog Training Tip

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What is the Most Effective Dog Training Tip

by Muhammad Hazman Mohamed Noor

There are a number of different approaches taken by dog trainers to help teach pets how to respond to commands from their masters. Because of the varying methods used, it is no wonder that there may be some disagreement on what constitutes the single most effective and important dog training tip. Here are a couple of examples for consideration.

Many dog trainers focus on the use of rewards as the way to get your pet to obey. As an example, a dog responds very well to a soothing tone of voice and a scratch in a favored spot, such as behind the ear or along the back. Many trainers understand that this positive reinforcement teaches the pet that certain actions will result in affection from their masters. The tip here is to utilize positive response when your pet does what he or she is supposed to do, and do not offer affection when the pet has misbehaved.

Other trainers believe that reinforcement by affection is not enough, but still think the tone of voice has a lot to do with the proper training of an animal. Keeping the commands limited to one to three syllables allows the dog to eventually retain the sound of a command and relate it to a specific action. The tone also conveys to the dog how serious the master is about the command. Those who consider this to be the most effective dog training tip usually employ this tactic with animals that do not seem to respond to the affection based training method.

While there is certainly more than one premier dog training tip, the fact is there is not one single method that will be the most effective with all dogs. Based on the temperament and attention span of your pet, different methods will work better than others. The trick in determining the best tip would be to take your dogs basic personality into consideration and work from there.

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