When Dog Adoption Goes Awry

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When Dog Adoption Goes Awry

by M Bruno

Katrina dog awaits court decision to learn his fate

During the Katrina evacuation, a woman was compelled to leave her best friend, a small dog she received as a puppy for Christmas in 2004, behind. Her last glimpse of her dog was from the helicopter she was being whisked away on. She had just a fleeting second to snap a photo of her dog, a photo that would hold her memories during the difficult months to follow.

As chance would have it, the wonderful work of the Best Friends dog and cat evacuation team, spotted this little Katrina pup and rescued this dog along with approximately 6000 others.

The seemingly lucky dog was fostered to an Arizona family in early 2006, until his rightful guardian could be found, by The Animal Benefit Club, in violation of its agreement with Best Friends. When the Katrina dog ?mom? learned of her dog's whereabouts she was delighted and a heartwarming reunion was envisioned.

Not so fast?.The foster family decided that they wanted to keep the dog. They claimed the pup was best left with them. The Katrina evacuee couldn?t possibly take care of him as good as they, or so they claimed.

Now the issue has gone to court and trial is underway, if there has been no delay.

So who will get the beloved dog lost in the Katrina shuffle, then rescued by Best Friends, fostered in Arizona, and now the subject of litigation?

Well??the foster family has offered to give the dog back. Initially, this sounds great until you read the fine print. They are demanding $10,000 in order to do so.

Dogs 4Life applauds Best Friends for footing the legal bills in an attempt to get this poor dog back to his proper home.

The family that now has the dog claims it?s a case of mistaken identity and the dog they have is not the same Katrina displaced pup. On the other hand there is documentary evidence, including a dog tag and receipt as well as photographs of the dog which confirm the pooch?s true identity.

So what does the family want? The dog? The money? Whatever the resolution by the court, and we are pulling for the Katrina lady and her hopeful reunion with her dog, this is truly a case when a dog ?adoption? has gone awry.

This case may well set a precedent for similar cases in the future so keep an eye out for updates on the tale of the Katrina evacuee and her dog.

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