When Getting a Dog A Primer

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When Getting a Dog A Primer

by Athena Louise

People decide to get a dog for a few reasons. Some are lonely and want the companionship. Some have young children and want a pet for them. Others want a new possession. To the later, I say don?t do it. A dog is a living being, not an inanimate object you can put on a shelf and forget about.

Most people want a puppy. That is fine. Understand a puppy has to be trained. You don?t train them with discipline, but with love. A puppy will soon learn not to go to the bathroom in the house. They usually have to go a few moments after they eat. If they do, you simply say NO in a firm voice and take them outside. When they do go to the bathroom outside, praise them in a loving voice and pet them. They will associate your being happy with going to the bathroom outside.

The next thing you want is for them to come to you when you call. Remember, you look like a giant to them, so when you want the dog to come to you, crouch down, clap your hands to get their attention, and call the dog. When the dog comes to you - wagging its tail, tell him good (insert name here) and give a treat. They will quickly come to you whenever you call if you follow this simple rule. After a while, you will not have to crouch down any more, the dog will come when you call its name. Keep a supply of treats in the house and be very generous with praise.

Dogs that are spayed or neutered at a young age are much more docile. If you fix them when they are older, they still have the memory of wanting to procreate. Older male dogs will try to mount younger ones, and it doesn?t matter male or female. This is to show domination and which is alpha. It does not mean the young male puppy is ?gay?. Older females will try to mount young dogs, both male and females as well. Same reason - to show which is the alpha.

Dogs are territorial. If a strange dog comes onto their territory, there will probably be a brief skirmish. When male dogs meet another male dog off both of their territories, they will size each other up, but probably not fight. They are more likely to want to play. A male dog will usually not attack a female dog.

Some people crop their dogs' ears and tail. I personally think this is a bad idea. Dogs have tails for balance. Their ears are long to keep out dirt, ticks and mites. If you crop their ears, dogs are much more likely to get ear infections. I know I would not want someone to cut off a part of my body because they thought I might look better.

If you decide to get an older dog, learn its personality first. There was a report recently about an Akita attacking and killing its new owner. The owner wanted to give it a bath. She probably turned a hose on it and the hose was used by the previous owner to control the dog. The dog remembered this and attacked instead of being hurt again.

When I had my dog a few days, I picked up a back scratcher. He started growling and backing off. I realized he must have been hit with sticks previously. I laid down the back scratcher and backed off a little. He went to it, sniffed, and attacked the back scratcher, destroying it. I went to him, told him good boy and gave him a treat. Now he knows if I pick up a stick it is not to hit him, but to throw and for him to fetch.

Dogs have much more acute hearing than we do. If they start barking it is to call your attention to something. Pet them and tell them good dog. It might be another dog outside, it might be someone coming to your door. Whatever the reason, they want you to be aware of it.

If you are getting a puppy, try to see the personalities of the parents, if possible. Puppies from puppy mills are more likely to be neurotic and sick because of too much interbreeding. Mutts are really great, intelligent dogs. All dogs want to be loved and will give love in return if treated right.

Dogs communicate with each other. I had two dogs, Bandit and Princess. Princess went to do something and I told her no. She looked at me and went to do it again and I said NO again. She looked at Bandit. He got up and walked over to her. They put their heads together and at the same time turned and looked at me. Then Bandit went to do exactly what I had told her not to do.

They were both part wolf, and the most intelligent dogs I have ever had. Bandit lived to be eighteen and Princess lived to be fifteen. I technically might have been their ?owner? but they were definitely my teachers.

Pit Bulls have a terribly undeserved reputation. Pits do not make good guard dogs because they are too friendly. Pits have to be trained to be mean. Pits use to be considered to be the best family pet anyone could have. Then people figured with their special jaws, they make good fighting dogs. A lot of people fed them gun powder in their food to make them mean and vicious. I have had two Pit Bulls and they are the friendliest gentlest dogs I ever had. I would trust a Pit sooner than a Chow, Akita or Doberman, but that is my personal opinion.

Get in the habit of walking your dog. Your dog can check out the neighborhood and it is good exercise for you. This way - if your dog ever gets lost, it can follow a trail back home.

One last thing - if you give a dog love and attention, it would lay down its life for you. The love you give is returned one hundred fold.

Athena Louise

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