Whens The Right Time To Bring Home A Dog

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Whens The Right Time To Bring Home A Dog

by Ashley D Bigham

A new puppy or rescued older dog can bring a lot of happiness into a household. However, there are a lot of things to consider before bringing a new dog into your life. Is it going to be a good environment for the dog? Do you have kids or plan on having kids? Do you have the time to spend with him?

For the new married couple wanting to get a new puppy, children are to be taken into consideration. Do they plan on having a baby within a couple years? If so then the dog they choose will need to be a calmer breed and heavily socialized so it reacts calmly to the new addition. Are they going to way four or more years before they have kids? If so then the dog needs to be accepting of the new baby. A jealous dog can be very dangerous to a newborn or toddler.

A dog needs to know that it is still loved and cherished as part of the family once a baby arrives. Keeping aspects of your old routine intact will help the adjustment. If long walks were part of the routine, going for long walks once the baby?s born will send positive signals to your dog. He needs to know that he?s still part of the family an not being replaced. Whatever the case, don?t ignore your dog; he?ll not appreciate a new crying baby taking al of his owner?s attention.

Some people think getting a puppy when they have a baby is a grand idea. They?d like to see them grow up together. Think about the situation you could create, though. When your baby is a toddler, your new dog will be young and active, wanting to romp around the house constantly. Keeping an eye on both of them can be a lot of work, and you?ll probably put off training your dog basic obedience because you?ll be so busy watching two youngsters. A new puppy isn?t always a good idea when your baby begins walking either. Both deserve love and care, and babies can be annoying to dogs. Getting an older, placid dog can solve his problem. He might not mind having his fur tugged on as much or think it?s initiating a game.

Dogs make an excellent addition to any home, but timing is everything. You should never get a dog unless you know you can care of it the way it should be cared for. Puppy-hood is the most important time to instill values and training into your dog, and if your constantly running around with a new baby or a hectic work schedule you can?t possibly do that. Think of your whole household, dog included, before bringing a puppy into the house. Research different breeds to find the one most compatible with your lifestyle, or consider getting an older more adjusted dog.

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