Which One Do You Want for Your Best Friend

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Which One Do You Want for Your Best Friend

by NamSing Then

Dog Crates or Dog Cages are used to house puppies and dogs safely and securely when in or away from home. Sometimes dogs are also caged to solve behavioral problems such as excessive barking, chewing, scratching and nervousness. Dog Cages are mainly used by dog breeders.

Normally Dog Cages or Crates are manufactured from good quality heavy gauge wire and are epoxy coated. The epoxy coating also prevents rust. Various sizes are available to accommodate all types of dog breeds like Medium Poodle, King Charles, Westie, Scottie, Corgi, Whippet, Cocker, Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier etc. All cages are not the same and you can buy cheaper type thin gauge mesh cages with plastic trays. For more durability galvanized metal trays are used. Metal trays are also easy to clean and an independent Tray-Stop is provided which allows removal of pans with door closed. The tray includes a carrying handle for pulling it out of the cage.

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Also the wire construction should allow for proper ventilation and visibility. They also provide safe and secure slide bolt latches for your dog?s safety.

They are innovatively designed to pop up with no extra space required. When not in use, the cage/crate folds like a suitcase or it can be spread flat, for easy transport or storage.

Sometimes Twin Doors are provided while one is an end opening door and the other a side door, for convenience of handling.

Dog cages are also provided with a Dog Mat or Bed. The beds are designed to fit into the cage perfectly and can be easily removed. It is made of pure 100% cotton which is also washable. It has a hollow fiber as inner cushion which also withstands repeated washings. As they are made of high quality material, it is non-allergenic. Dog beds are optional and are available only when ordered.

Stainless Steel Coup cups bolted or welded with hooks are also bought along with the cages to keep food and water secure in these cages. It is mainly suitable for puppies and smaller breeds of dogs.

Most dogs prefer to drink running water and with an artificial Drinking Water Fountain, which eliminates stale, stagnant water, is naturally more inviting. This can be purchased and placed inside the cage, which constantly circulates about 3 liters of water through its filter. It?s easy to clean and maintain and also replacement filters are available.

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