Which One of These Four Dog Training Mistakes are You Making

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Which One of These Four Dog Training Mistakes are You Making

by Jason Mann

Dog training is extremely important for dog owners and should not be taken for granted.

This article will cover four (4) common mistakes do-it-yourself trainer's make and their solutions.

Four important dog training mistakes to avoid

Mistake #1: Not being consistent.

Consistent training is a must if you expect to ever have a reliably trained dog. Repetition is the key. Without a doubt the number one question I have gotten from people training their dogs themselves is, how do you get them to listen to you? After a bit of investigating on my part I find out that they are simply trying to teach to much.

Solution: Break your training sessions down into 5-10-15 minute segments. Two or three times per day. This will help you and your dog progress faster.

Mistake #2: Not working with the dog

What I mean by this is...approaching training like, "You better listen, or else!" That mind set is self-defeating and honestly, if you think about it, would you be able to learn something new in that environment? I highly doubt it. The days of pain equals avoidance equals obedience are basically out. Working with your dog and being proactive to possible problems is in.

Solution: Let your dog learn. Forcing the behavior, while they might do it, does not instill a positive process in them. In other words, yes, they might down if they learned it through dominance. But letting them learn that downing when you ask results in a positive, good feeling, will prove to give you a more reliable down.

Mistake #3: Not having an open mind.

When I speak with people who are having problems training their dogs. I always investigate further to boil down the problem. More times than not, someone has either (A) went to a training class and is using their methods or (B) bought a book, surfed the web, or some other method of gathering information on how to best train their dog. In their pursuit for the best method they lose focus. In short, there isn't one single method of dog training that works all the time every time.

Solution: Be open minded. Use different techniques. Always keep you and your dogs health in the forefront of your mind. Pick techniques you are comfortable with and aid in developing a bond between you and your canine. Remember, training should be fun. It's your job to make it interesting for your canine pal too.

Mistake #4: Making training a chore.

Tedious, mundane, boring, hard, frustrating, irate, and other words have been spoken by dog owners about their dog training efforts. Making dog training a chore or a job is a sure way of killing any hopes you will ever have a reliably trained dog.

Solution: Make it fun. Change it up. Use your mind. Be creative. Don't stick to one type of training. Don't put yourself in a mundane area. We're not training obedience champs here. Just basic manners. Find interesting ways to reward your dog. Teach new tricks often and incorporate basic obedience into that.

For example, teach your dog to get your something like a paper or magazine. Watch those paper cuts! (kidding).

Bottom line, make it fun and interesting and both you and your and dog will get more out of the training process.

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