Whippets and Children Make A Great Combination

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Whippets and Children Make A Great Combination

by Kristy Venditti

The whippets are amazing sight dogs. If you or your family is looking for a house dog consider the whippet. They are loyal and have a great personality. They smile and they run like the wind. If your children through the ball they will always bring it back. Whippets are great to play baseball with because they will get the ball that the batter misses of course thats when you do not have a catcher. They bring it back to the pitcher. They are also great in the outfield. When you decide to ride bikes, they can go as fast as you and they do not bite at your feet. When you go in the house for the evening they like to curl up next to you and be affectionate. They like to share your blanket, your bed and your love. These dogs also can be crated if you work or are gone, but you really do not have to.

Once they are past their puppy stage you don't have to worry. The house will be as you left it. Whippets have very short hair and they do not shed very much. These dogs love children and children love these dogs. They will let you know if someone is around that they do not know. Whippets are not loud dogs. Most of the time you do not know they are around. These dogs are some times not easy to find, so start searching now for this wonderful breed of dog, the whippet.

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