Why Basic Dog Training Is Really Important

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Why Basic Dog Training Is Really Important

by Benjamin Bergmann

One of the most important things in raising a dog is basic dog training. It's not only important for you to handle your dog without any trouble, it's also important for your dog's safety. Imagine your dog not listening to your instructions while running without a leash. It only takes another dog on the other side of the street for your dog to be in an accident. The more reliable your dog is, the more freedom it can get.

Dog training not only avoids your dog being in an accident, it also strengthens the bond between it and you as its leader, it builds communication and demonstrates it that you are the leader, the alpha male. This aspect of the dog training is one of the most important ones. Like humans dogs have got families, too. They are called "packs". Within a pack, there are always leaders and followers. If your dog doesn't see you as its leader, it will try to become the leader of its pack, in this case your family. If you don't make plain to it that you are the leader of the pack, you will sooner or later be in trouble, especially if your dog is a dominant one by nature.

In the past, dogs were held for a specific job. Some races were held for herding sheep, some were bred to become hunting helpers et cetera. Today, many of these races - once bred for doing jobs - are just living in a household doing nothing else but eating and sleeping. It should not wonder that these dogs become bored. A bored dog is always a bad dog. It may start to bark excessively, it may start to chew on furniture, or just become depressed. Dog training can become a challenging and fun activity.

The consequences of not training your dog might affect everyone: You as its owner, living with an untrained dog, the dog living in a great danger, people who want to get in contact with your dog because unexpected things could happen, and last but not least every dog owner, because a misbehaving dog will confirm the prejudices of pet haters.

Before starting you must choose the correct type of training as there do exist different types of training. Just to give you a quick overview, you can divide the different training methods into three main parts.

First, there is the obedience training, which in general teaches your dog how to perform specific things. As an example, herding dogs need plenty of obedience training to know how to act correctly and precisely on commands given by the shepherd.

Secondly, there is the behavior training. Every dog needs a basic behavior training. This includes good behavior among people and other animals, house training, and other things which make your dog more accessible. In general this training will teach your dog to be a "good dog".

At last there is the activity training. This training includes activities showing your dog?s abilities, like herding, hunting, or sport activities like agility.

Finally, I hope this article will give you a basic understanding about the importance of dog training. Oh, and don't forget the biggest aspect of basic dog training: You and your dog will have a nice time together!

Benjamin Bergmann is the owner of the dog training resource site http://www.online-dog-training.info. Be sure to visit the site for useful dog training information.

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