Why Bother With Dog Obedience Training

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Why Bother With Dog Obedience Training

by Ruth Bird

What are some of the problems that could develop in a dog?

Socialization Problems ? Aggression towards other dogs.

Mouthing ? Even though it is harmless, this does need to be managed.

Play Biting ? Again, this is not acceptable when it is directed at humans.

Fear Biting and Fears.

Rough Housing and Tug of War can be dangerous when a dog is playing with little kids. (This is actually often taught to a puppy by the owners themselves)

Neither Dominance nor Possessiveness should be tolerated.

Don?t spoil your dog, train your dog instead. A well behaved dog is usually welcomed pretty well anywhere.

The relationship between dogs and humans spans thousands of years, but, communication still is confusing between the two even today. The human being part of the pair is as a rule the smarter part, but watching communication between dogs and their owners really does make me wonder. Dogs do understand and even respond at a certain level of intelligence; but, their animal senses operate totally differently than humans - their color vision response to color is even different and as you well know, their noses are considerably more sensitive - and let?s face it, the dog mind processes information way different than a human person.

What are 5 most important commands for your dog at the start?

Sit: Dogs are very able to learn a lot of behaviors, but few are as important as the 'sit' command. The sit command has various practical benefits. When your dog is sitting he is much more attentive. His eyes will be on you, the trainer, and the dominant control in his life.

Stay: One of the primary commands should be the use of 'stay'. Exactly what it sounds like, the stay demands your dog to remain stationary, in its place, as you move around. The stay command can save you hours of frustration, and, it is also a command that could save your dog from danger.

Stop: This is a command I use to stop the dog from doing whatever he is doing and sit. This is used for safety reasons for both your dog, and also for people your dog may unintentionally hurt. A running dog can hurt a frail person, or child. So you should be able to call out ?stop?... and your dog should stop and sit. Also, when in danger himself, call stop sit, and then come!

Come and Heel. Well, these two commands do not need explanation. Again, the ?come? command is a necessity to learn. This command can save your dog, or a person from harm. Used together with the ?stop? command these two are a powerful tool for you to control your precious dog.

Ruth is actively involved with the internet and she finds it very exciting. Her passions are people and pet health. She is a wife, a stepmom a dog owner and a business person. She is married for almost 30 years to Chris who has been, and still is, battling the monster MS. Two of her dogs are Certified Therapy Dogs. She is currently working from her home.

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