Why Does My Dog Have Gooey Eyes in the Morning

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Why Does My Dog Have Gooey Eyes in the Morning

by David Brooks

Q. Why does my almost three year old n/m choc. lab have gooey eyes in the morning? He always has sleepies, but last week it turned into thicker and more mucusy (not green though, more translucent / tanish). I flush them out and then they are fine for the rest of the day? His activity, appetite, drinking, etc. are the same. His temp is 99.8, which is good I believe. My thinking is he has allergies? Any input? Thank you so much!

A. Some dogs can have an excessive production of sleepies, sometimes this is perfectly normal and you just need to gently wipe them away to prevent him from getting too clogged up and to stop him from wiping them on your sofa.

Sometimes mucus discharges can be due to inflammation or infection in the eye. I wonder if he has a touch of conjunctivitis at the moment, that might explain the discharge getting a bit thicker and a different colour. If he has conjunctivitis you may see his eyes looking a bit more bloodshot and the pink conjunctiva which surrounds the eyeball may look a bit redder and more puffy than usual. You may also see more tears than usual and the eyes may be painful and blinking more than usual.

You would expect to see these signs with allergic causes as well.

If he has had gooey eyes for sometime then it would be worth letting a vet have a look at them. We can rule out underlying causes of irritation (such as extra little hairs touching his eye, poor eyelid positioning, tear duct problems) and also measure his tear production to make sure it isn't too low. We can also check for ulcers and infection and get some treatment started.

From how you have described it my money would be on a normal amount of debris in the eye but maybe with a little bit of infection at the moment which could probably do with some antibiotics. Let your vet have a look and rule out all of the above. It shouldn't take to long to put your mind at ease.

ps. his temperature is ok!

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