Why Does Your Dog Bark Excessively

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Why Does Your Dog Bark Excessively

by Eric Hartwell

Excessive barking may be so annoying, most especially if you can?t seem to stop your dog from doing it. If you are one of these unfortunate pet owners, then don?t lose hope because there are tricks to actually stop your dog from barking.

Before you begin your training session however, be prepared to be more patient with your dog. The key here is communication, and your dog has a better chance of understanding you if you are actually more patient in training it.

Reasons Why a Dog Barks

Remember the cause and effect phenomenon? A similar concept is also present in Physics, and that is through the Theory of Inertia. While the said theory may be a little bit too technical for this discussion, the concept it teaches you is: there?s a force (reason) to which an object stays in motion. In dog-owner speak, this means that your dog has a reason for barking.

Having said this, you should be glad to know that your dog isn?t simply going nuts. Some dogs really are more prone to barking than others. Knowing your dog?s traits will help you extend your patience when it comes to dealing with the noise it makes.

Some dogs bark because they want attention. More specifically, it?s asking for your attention. Also, there are dogs that bark because of unwanted factors in their surroundings. Their barking is their way of warning you that there is an intruder. It may also be that your dog is trying to tell you that you should be aware of something or someone.

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