Why Dog Barks

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Why Dog Barks

by Mike II Arroyo

Dog lovers say that a house is not a home without a dog, which is often justified for the loyalty and devotions dog demonstrates to its master. Dogs are naturally territorial and curious, that makes them the perfect pet for those who want to protect their properties from burglars and other intruders.

Barking is a natural behavior for all dogs. Among the several ways dogs show their emotion, barking is the most useful. Though there are times that barking is a problem both for the dog?s master and the master?s neighbor as well. Especially for those dogs that has a separation anxiety problem, that keeps on barking at night or whenever its master cannot be with them. As a responsible dog owner you cannot let your dog become a nuisance to others. Dog?s chronic barking puts both the dog and you as their master at risk of complaints and even lawsuits from disturbed neighbors. With chronic barking your dog which is considered a part of your family might be taken away by animal control or police officers in charged with upholding anti-barking ordinances.

There are no bark collar devices that can help you train you dog from chronic barking and howling. But before you train your dog with a no bark collar, you should first understand why your dog barks. Every dog is naturally curious and territorial, they bark when they are perceived or hear sounds that are not familiar to them and more often when seeing something that dogs doesn?t expect to be there. There are several books and websites which explain why your dog barks chronically, many of those references mentions that dog?s chronic barking and howling is actually a cry for help. Dogs generally see their master as the leader of the pack, which is why they always want to be with their master that is also the reason why some dogs barks heavily at night when they are not with their master. Other reason why dogs developed chronic barking is when they are not given proper care and attention that they tend to be more aggressive and wild.

Dogs are social animals, and they need exercise and interaction with their human companions - and sometimes other dogs. Dogs cannot expect to sit quietly or entertain himself while his owner is away, it will definitely bark on by passers that will disturbed the neighbors nearby. Though there are several devices invented to train your dog from chronic barking, its success still depends on proper use.

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