Why Dogs Love Clicker Training

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Why Dogs Love Clicker Training

by John Laraby

Clicker training is a type of dog training that uses operant training to train your dog to be obedient by using the sound of a click, which becomes known to the dog as a sound that promises a reward. This type of dog training is innovative and a great way to train your dog to obey you on command. A clicker is used to make a clicking sound so when you actually give your dog a reward, he understands that the reward is for being obedient. Both owners and their dogs love this kind of training for a variety of reasons.

They Understand Other methods of dog training may be difficult for a dog to understand, but once they start to associate the clicker with their actions that gets them a treat, they begin to understand how the system works. Other methods of dog training may be confusing and leave the dog wondering what he did wrong or right. This method leaves no doubt when your dog obeys you like he should and helps to make your dog happily obedient.

Positive Reinforcement Many other dog training programs use various methods of negative punishments to try to make dogs do what you want, and many times, the dogs do not even understand why they are being punished. Clicker training for dogs uses only positive reinforcement to train the dog the way you want. Negative punishment has no place in this system and dogs learn much faster with the positive reinforcement that is used in the clicker program. Another reason that punishments are not used in this training program is because, many times, dogs may even look at punishment as something good since they are getting your attention. It is much better to make them realize that when they do well, they are rewarded, and soon enough their bad behavior will cease.

Dogs Want to Please Most dogs love to please their masters, especially when there is a treat at the end of the road for them. This type of dog training takes the pleasing nature of dogs and helps them turn it into obedience, which makes their masters very happy. Dogs begin to realize that when they please their master, not only will they get approval, love, and affection, but they also get a treat as well. The combination makes a powerful training tool.

Signals are Used with Behaviors Another reasons that dogs do so well with clicker training is because the trainers always make sure that the dog understands the command by using it and showing the dog what is wanted. Only after the dog learns the behavior and the signals that are associated with the wanted behavior do the trainers require the dog to perform the commands on cue. This makes it very easy for dogs to understand exactly what is wanted so they can do it quickly. Once they understand the behavior, then they start having the behavior reinforced by the trainer with the clicks and the treats.

Bad Behaviors Disappear Not only do dogs learn that good behaviors get rewards, but through lack of positive reinforcement they learn that their bad behaviors are unwanted. If dogs behaving badly, after going through the clicker dog training program they will find out that their bad behavior is not rewarded with a treat. After some time, the dogs will eventually stop the bad behavior because they realize that they are not rewarded for it.

Focus on Relationships Many dogs love this program because it focuses on the relationship between the dog and the owner, building a bond that is strong and lasting. When their good behavior is reinforced by the owner, the dog feels wonderful for having pleased their master. Dogs and owners have to work together on this kind of training and they are able to spend more time together as well. Dogs learn that they get the attention of their owners when they are obedient and they are on good behavior.

The clicker training program for dogs is a great program for both the dogs and the owners. If you are considering a way to train your dog that will last forever, the clicker program is for you. While obedience school and other dog training programs may wear off, the clicker training program builds a bond and a sense of achievement with a dog that they will never forget. Positive reinforcement is the backbone of this dog training program, and it truly works in a way that dogs love.

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