Why Not Consider a Career in Dog Training

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Why Not Consider a Career in Dog Training

by Ken Wilssens

If you're considering a career in dog training, then there are a few things that you should know. A dog trainer is expected to use various ways to teach dogs, not only obedience, but some dogs have to be taught security, performing and assisting people who are disabled. Just to train a dog for obedience won't cut it on today's market. It may surprise you to know that, although there are some people working in this field with a high school education, there are some cases where a bachelor degree would be required.

It is not only the education that makes the trainer, but you also have to be sensitive and patient. You have to be good in problem solving and obedience. There is no law stating that you have to have a certification for dog training. There are several schools that offer training programs where you can earn a certification. The outlook for the future looks bright for this type of career as more people have animals and seek the help of a trainer with the obedience of the animal.

When you become a dog trainer, you will be expected to get the dogs accustomed to your voice and contact. You will have to condition them to respond to commands and give the animals positive reinforcement. You will be expected to provide dogs with mental stimulation, physical exercise, and hands on care and you will also have to see to their diet needs. All of these attributes come into play when you have to get a dog ready for a dog show or some other competition

If you are good at what you do, this will show when your dogs keep winning at dog shows. This is where all the traits of a dog stand out and the time and effort you have put into the animal shines through, not only for the owner but for you also. Some dog trainers get very well known as excellent trainers through the dogs that they teach and appear as winners in dog shows time and time again.

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