Why You Should Adopt A Dog Instead Of Buying

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Why You Should Adopt A Dog Instead Of Buying

by M Bruno

There are many wonderful reasons to adopt a dog from a dog shelter or dog rescue.

The first and best reason is that by adopting a dog you will be saving a life. Millions of loving and wonderful companion dogs are euthanized every year at dog shelters and dog pounds simply because there is not enough room or resources to care for them.

By adopting a dog you will also decrease the demand to buy puppies at pet stores. The insatiable desire to buy pure bred puppies is frequently based upon misunderstanding or a lack of knowledge. Many people think that you can?t get a good dog at a dog shelter or that only pure bred dogs are worth having.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Pet stores often buy puppies from breeders that operate puppy mills. Dogs that are bred at puppy mills are often the product of in breeding and have genetic based health issues that will tax your heart and wallet with veterinary bills and a shorter life span for your dog..

In addition, the mothers of these pups are kept in deplorable conditions, cages, unexercised, malnourished and unloved. They are bred non stop until their bodies can no longer produce a litter, then disposed of.

When you adopt a dog or puppy at a dog pound or rescue you will pay a mere fraction of the price that pet stores charge for ?pure bred? dogs. So your purse will thank you as quickly as the dog whose life you save when you adopt.

Dogs found at dog shelters are some of the most loving and grateful to be rescued pals you will ever find. Many are there because of a death in the family, change in lifestyle, lack of interest , a family move that won?t permit a dog and a host of other reasons that in no way impact on the desirability of the family dog that is now sitting caged on doggy death row. Yes, death row.

Many dog shelters only keep dogs a few days before killing them. Their remains are then often shipped to a rendering plant to be ground up and added to commercial dog food !

Another wonderful reason to adopt is that not every family has the time for the demands of life with a new puppy. Like human babies, puppies need a good deal of nurturing, training and care that a fully grown, lovable mutt, won?t. An adopted adult dog may be fully ready for a new home, just needing your love and regular doggy care.

Senior citizens who want a dog to enjoy their golden years with are perhaps best suited to be matched with a senior dog ! Calmer, and with less energy than a young dog, adopted senior dogs are the perfect companion for mom, dad or any senior.

Finally, there are wide variety of dogs ready to be adopted at dog shelters and dog rescues. These include big dogs, small dogs, in between dogs, mutts, purebreds, puppies, middle aged dogs and senior dogs.

Whatever you are looking for in a new dog is waiting for you at a dog shelter or dog rescue today. So if you are thinking of bringing a new dog into your home, you can be a real hero. By adopting, you will save a dog?s life, save yourself money, help in the battle to put puppy mills out of business. and therein help save the dogs held as caged prisoners of breeding across the land.

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