Why Your Dog Marks His Territory

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Why Your Dog Marks His Territory

by Craig McPherson

If it is a change in your dog's normal behavior, it might be a bladder infection or some other medical problem, so check that with your vet first.

It's rather common for older spayed bitches to start dribbling. This is easily fixed most of the time with doses of estrogen. In many cases, the doses can be tapered off after a few months. Some dogs require estrogen for the rest of their lives. Only small doses are needed, so it's not that expensive to treat. Again check with your vet.

All dogs urinate, some more than others. Entire males will mark their territory by using urine.

Some dominant females will do the same. Castration certainly helps to slow down or even stops male dogs from marking their territory.

But this has to be done at an early age to avoid a habit formed condition. Dogs also mark trees, shrubs etc to communicate and mark their territory. If you walk your dog and you don't want your dog to urinate on public icons or structures, then before the dog gets to these items call its name. This will bring the attention back onto you and reward the dog for returning.

If it does not respond to its name then tag the lead back and give a suitable command like 'no' or 'attt'.

Important: To do the "Tag Back" on the lead it must be only to get the dogs attention and not used as a negative response. The idea is to keep the dogs attention to you.

Then you can walk the dog where it can urinate, like walk up to a tree or a telephone Pole. Give the dog a command like 'letgo' or 'wee' and praise the dog when it does. Don't worry if you think your dog will only go when you give the command and that when you are not home the dog will burst.... it won't.

As long as the dog has a lot of freedom when walking on the lead, let the dog relax and be a dog. Keeping a dog at the heel position all the time will create stress in the dog. Don't allow your dog to urinate on everything its wants.

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