Why Your Rescue Dog Benefits From Spay or Neuter

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Why Your Rescue Dog Benefits From Spay or Neuter

by M Bruno

Millions of dogs are euthanized worldwide as a result of the surplus number of dogs born each year and a shortage of available adoptive homes.

When you elect a spay or neuter procedure for your adopted or rescue dog, you will be making a responsible decision toward alleviating dog suffering and will also be helping your rescue dog live a longer, healthier life.

For example, a dog that has been spayed or neutered will live an average one to three years longer than a dog that has not had a spay or neuter procedure.

Furthermore, spayed or neutered dogs experience a minimal risk of testicular cancer, mammary gland tumors, mammary gland cancer, prostate cancer and other often fatal disorders.

Spaying or neutering your dog will have the benefit of making him a more home loving, social dog. Your dogs urge to wander and roam the neighborhood will decrease which can be a safety concern. Unsupervised dogs may contract disease, may be hit by a car, and may be stolen or otherwise injured.

Benefits Your Female Rescue Dog Enjoys post Spay

1.Seemingly endless heat cycles will no longer exist, keeping neighborhood male dogs away.

2.The female dog will have a reduced urge to wander the neighborhood looking for male dogs and otherwise placing her in a potentially dangerous situation.

3.Fewer unwanted puppies will be produced, reducing the burgeoning surplus dog population

4.Your female dog may live a longer, healthier life.

Benefits Your Male Rescue Dog Enjoys post Neuter

1.Reduction in spraying and marking

2.Reduction in the desire to roam. This means that your rescue dog will be less likely to be exposed to disease, hurt or hit by a car;

3.Lessened risk of testicular cancer, and prostate disease

4.Lower incidents of dog aggression a variety of behavior.

5.Your male rescue dog may live a longer, healthier life.

6.Fewer unwanted dogs will be born

Stray dogs may become a nuisance or cause destruction. Dogs may cause noise and other problems such as causing accidents. Aggressive dogs that have not been altered may even kill other smaller or weaker dogs and pets.

Unwanted dogs can become a public health concern as well. Uncontrolled landscape destruction, dog feces and the potential danger to those frightened by potentially aggressive dog behavior to people and other animals are yet other reasons to promote spay rescue dog spay . The potential result and the ultimate goal of all rescue dog enthusiast is a home for every rescue dog and a ?no-kill? policy passed into state and federal law that will benefit every stray or rescue dog worldwide

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