Wild Dog Behavior Tips to Terminate Rovers Rolling

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Wild Dog Behavior Tips to Terminate Rovers Rolling

by Rena Murray

How revolting! There are some truly bizarre, slimy or smelly wild dog behaviors that are frequently displayed by our domestic dogs. Yet just because your Pooch's actions are instinctive behavior for dogs, that does NOT mean that you have to accept it if you do not like it! So let us explore some unwanted dog instinctive behaviors and what you can do about them. In this article we will focus on one of the most disgusting wild dog behaviors of all: "My dog eats feces and rolls in them!"

Rolling in dung can mean three different things. One: The dog is rolling in feces to disguise himself, to feel safer, or to boost his confidence. Perhaps he is insecure of a neighbor's dog, or maybe he even senses a predator you cannot.

Solution? Put the dog on a leash and correct him firmly when he begins the behavior. Give him something else to do. Exercise or a game is a good idea, but move away from the problem until you have brought him to a point where he is listening better to you.

Sometimes young bitch dogs roll in their own mess because they are near their heat and want to strut their stuff to the whole neighborhood! Please be aware that letting her get away with this behavior may allow her to become overconfident and even aggressive.

The third reason is the dog has come into contact with an unfamiliar odor. Dogs do not like too many changes and are creatures of habit and routine. This is why your dog wants to roll when you have just washed him with that wonderfully scented lavender soap. Boy, wouldn't we all love it if dogs and humans loved the same scents?

Solution? Simply dry your dog off well and be sure he is calm BEFORE his leash is removed. If rolling is a pattern, you have to break it by first getting him into a calmer state in which he is able to listen to you.

Then if he rolls, give him a firm NO, taking the scruff of his neck firmly in your grasp. This lets him know that you do not agree with the behavior he is doing. Since Pooch's dog instinctive behavior is to submit to you, his leader, he will ultimately yield and cease such unwanted (smelly and messy) wild dog behavior.

Bottom Line: You do NOT have to settle for a domestic dog that acts like Rolling Rover, in his own feces or cat dung or any other smelly thing. With a little training, these animal instinctive behaviors can be vanquished and peace and sweet smells restored in your home. Still having problems? Just ask for help from an expert who understands wild dog behaviors, and turn Rolling Rover into Sweet-Smelling Sam!

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