Will The Puppy Be Happy On Its Own During The Day

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Will The Puppy Be Happy On Its Own During The Day

by Travis Liu

The fact that you are taking the time to do research indicates that you will make an excellent owner.

Obviously working full time is not ideal when you are planning to own a dog, especially puppy. It is not an impossible situation provided that you make good use of your time when you are at home and providing your dog with adequate social, mental and physical stimulation.

During the first few weeks with your new puppy, it is recommended to spend as much time as possible with your new puppy and it is important to ensure that your new puppy does not have constant company as he may have come to rely upon.

Gradually increase the time that he is left alone, and ensure that he is safe and secure when you are not there; the use of an indoor pen is certainly to be recommended at this stage. A pen will also help in house training, if you are able to devote your full attention to this process and ensure that your puppy is able to go outside when he needs to go to the toilet. You will be pleasantly surprised by how quick it can be.

If you need to go back to work while your puppy is still very young, try to get someone to let him out to relieve himself during the day rather than allow him to form new associations with an indoor latrine! If you do not have any family or friends who can do this then you may wish to hire a pet-sitter for the short-term.

You might be thinking of getting two puppies so they would keep each other company when you are away. The fact is getting littermates is what most people find appealing but with two puppys who spend a lot of time together will communicate more effectively with each other than their owners, often making training difficult. Also siblings can be a very good match in terms of size and strength, which can also lead to problems.

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