You Should Not Stuff Your Favorite Dead Dog

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You Should Not Stuff Your Favorite Dead Dog

by Lance Winslow

Do you have a loving dog? Do you love this animal so much that you cannot imagine life without it? Well there is a trend for many people to have their dog stuffed like a Moose Head in the lodge. But most people who have done this eventually wish they had not. Why you ask? Well it somewhat takes away the great times you had and you start thinking of your dog or animal as stiff. Now many people believe just having their dog in that form there, makes them feel good.

In the beginning it helps alleviate the loss and grief, but over time it ruins the real memories. At first it helps visually allow the brain to recall the good times, but there are better ways to do this such as video clips with the family. You should Not stuff your Favorite Dead Dog; if you do you might some day wish you had not.

Of course Taxidermists say that stuffing family pets is indeed one of the largest segments of their businesses and they are glad to be of service and often side with the idea of stuffing the family pet. They even make more money on these jobs, than Moose Heads. Please think about this in 2006 and perhaps you might re-consider?

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