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You as The Alpha Dog

by Jennie Crawford

If you are the owner of a puppy or dog, you know how important dog training is. If you have a dog that is not trained, it adds a great deal of stress to your home life. A untrained dog will jump on your guests, treat your furniture as its own, pull on the leash. Try to escape from the boundaries you have set and generally be very difficult to be around.

This is not a good situation for you or your dogs. Dogs WANT to please you and make you happy. They want your attention, good attention that is. They just need to be shown and taught the correct ways to behave.

One thing that all dog owners should know is that dogs are ?pack?animals. This means that they need a ?pack? to survive. Dogs in the wild run in packs with a clearly defined leader or Alpha Dog. This dog is responsible for the safety of the pack. The other dogs follow his lead. When dogs are brought into human households, it is very important that they know that you are the Alpha Dog . You need to be in charge and your dog needs to know that you are. This does not require you to be ?mean ? to the dog but it does require you to be firm and always in control. The dog does what YOU want it to do when You want them to do it.

Dogs are much happier creatures when they are well trained. Because they do want to please you so badly, if they are well-trained - you will be happy and they will be happy. A household with a well trained dog is a much happier one then a household with a dog that poops/pees all over, chews on everything in the house and jumps up on everyone who walks in the door.

Everyone can learn how to train their dog. Even those with little or no experience can learn dog training tips that can make their life much easier. You can find dog training books at most bookstores. These can have some very valuable dog training tips inside.

In closing, if you have a dog at home that is ill-behaved, there is still hope. Don?t believe the saying that you can?t teach an old dog new tricks. While its true that dogs that are set in their bad behavior may take longer to train properly, all dogs can be trained. And if you have a puppy, you are in charge of teaching the puppy that they MUST obey you. You are the Alpha Dog of their pack. If you train a dog properly, both you and the dog will be much happier and live much more harmoniously.

Jennie Crawford is the stay at home mom of two small children and the proud owner of a 9 yr old Jack Russell Terrier and a 1 yr old golden retriever. For more information on dog training, see: or

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