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Your Best Doggone Choice

by Chris Campbell

Your particular specific circumstances and your skills at caring for a dog are the single most important traits to consider when purchasing a dog as a pet. I've heard it said that there is no such thing as a bad dog, only bad dog owners. Seems to me I've heard the same analogy applied to children and parents. But, I digress. While some dogs have the potential for temperamental issues, it is rarely the dogs fault. The same thing could be said about owner temperaments. What would probably be more accurate, is to say that the temperament and needs of the dog do not mesh well with the temperament and needs of the owner. And, following along logically, since the dog didn't pick the owner, the problem must have been when the owner picked the dog. In short, pay careful attention to the needs of your self and your dog before making a decision.

Puppy Love On The Rocks

It can be most unfortunate, but the truth of the matter is, that when a bad match is made between dog and owner, it is usually the dog that suffers. And of course, as the dog is not living in ideal conditions, it is bound to act out in response to such a situation. This can only lead to excaserbate the problem, as neither owner or puppy will be enjoying the situation. Take for example a terrier whose owner is an avid gardener that spends lots of time away, and leaves puppy in the backyard. Terriers love to dig, and once the owner returns home, there will be issues when all the prize winning tulips are uprooted. Dogs that crave a lot of attention, but have an owner who is away for eight hours every work day, are not going to be happy puppies. Unhappy puppies grow to be older unhappy dogs with plenty of issues.

All Things Considered

Sure, you may want a big strong dog to protect the house and valuables while your gone. Big strong dogs are great for this, but need particularly good training to ensure that all that strength and size stay in check. Big dogs can become difficult to control, even when they are on a leash. As a result the owners become reluctant to walk them, and they end up alone in the backyard. Alone in the backyard, scaring the wits out of anyone who walks by with their loud deep throat barks. Not a good situation, with the potential to lead to something worse, if killer ever breaks out of the backyard.

A Happy Tail Ending

So, consider all the reasons why you want a dog. Think about what you like in a dog, think about what you don't like in a dog. If you do your research thoroughly, you will be sure to find the right dog with the right needs and temperament for you. There are as many different types of breeds, as there are many types of owners looking for a dog. The perfect match is not that hard to make.

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