Your Dog Has Toys But Wont Play With Them

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Your Dog Has Toys But Wont Play With Them

by Janie Knetzer

Fun With Fido...

The dog toys are overflowing from the toy basket, yet my three furry kids only want to play if I am involved someway. Now keep in mind, although I love my dogs, I bought these dog toys so that they would kindly leave me alone for awhile.This past Christmas they received more gifts or at least as many as the kids in our neighborhood.

As all good dog owners do, I made sure that I purchased only safe dog toys so that they wouldn't hurt themselves. Huh, what was I thinking, the only way that they could possibly get hurt, is if "I" accidentally hit them in their noggin with the new king size "Kong" that I bought them for Christmas.The point is, dogs are fun creatures and very social. It's not that they don't like their new dog toys, it's just that they want to include me in on the fun since they consider me part of the pack.

"Yeah" lucky for me, but I don't think I need a pack. Yet what did I do, I went out and bought them five new "interactive dog toys" which are toys that include me in on the action. After doing this, I started to wonder exactly "who has been trained"? I don't remember receiving any ribbons myself, but I know that they certainly did and I forget exactly what those ribbons were for.

Maybe there is a hidden agenda between the dog trainers and the dogs that we the owners don't know about. Each day they manage to drag me out for a walk no matter what the weather conditions, lavish me with dog toys that they drooled all over and punish me with a pitiful look that makes me share my food with them. All kidding aside, although this really is part of my daily routine, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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