Your Dogs Behaviors Change Because He Was Attacked By Another Dog

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Your Dogs Behaviors Change Because He Was Attacked By Another Dog

by Travis Liu

Do you have a dog that is well-trained and know basic commands? Suddenly your dog?s behaviors change because he was attacked by another dog. So now every time you take your dog to dog park, he shows teeth and growls at other dogs.

Your dog also growls at people when they reach down and try to pet him. He also become aggressive upon entering the park and you can?t stay there long because of his behavior.

The problem with this is that once a dog gets into a serious fight, resulting in a serious injury, that dog?s natural aggressive instincts can come to the fore and be very difficult to contain.

However there are few things that you can do to help turn things around.

One of these is to go through a very rigorous training program, starting from the very beginning. The refresher course should also help out a lot if you wish to continue on with that.

The reason for starting the training program from the beginning is that, if the training is done properly, then you will;

Get your dog used to responding to you.
Be able to control your dog in a variety of situation.
Be able to enforce your top dog status more easily.

Those 3 things will not stop your dog?s aggressive behavior (although hopefully it will, but he would wait for a command from you before deciding on his own course of action) but they will let you control and reprimand him effectively if he does step out of line.

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