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Your Dogs Outdoor Housing

by Randy Jones

Ideally, a doghouse should be situated with a southern or eastern exposure in order to benefit from the morning sun and remain in the shade during the hottest hours of the day. It should also be sheltered from strong winds, since dogs are more susceptible to drafts than they are to cold.

The construction should be suited to the climate, well ventilated, and if necessary, insulated. The floor should be raised a few inches above the ground in order to avoid dampness. The house should be cozy enough for him to turn around in when he is in an adult size, with the interior one-third higher than he is.

The doorway or entrance should be no larger than the dog, with a solid leak proof roof, sloped for drainage. The floor should be solid and easy to clean, with wood being the preferred material. A thick layer of bedding, at least two inches, is ideal. Shredded newspapers, cedar chips, old rugs or blankets kept clean by renewal or laundering will keep him warm and comfortable.

A well-kept doghouse should be checked every day for cleanliness, washed down with disinfectant once a month and the bedding changed whenever it is damp or dirty. You can buy a doghouse from large pet-supply firms, or have one built to measure by a local carpenter or lumber yard. Plans are available if you wish to build it yourself.

If your dog is going to live outdoors, buy him in the spring so that he will become accustomed to outdoor life before cooler weather sets in. If he is less than five or six months old, keep him in the house at first, and move him to his outdoor quarters only when he is older and stronger and he has grown an adult coat. If you follow these guidelines, you can rest assured that your pet will remain comfortable during any season.

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