Your Guide to Housebreaking a Puppy

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Your Guide to Housebreaking a Puppy

by Randy Jones

A puppy is a young animal that is only just beginning to have control over the sphincter muscles that control his functions. This control is weak, and has been building up largely due to the fact of his unwillingness to soil his own quarters. Your job now is to concentrate his attention on further control, and to extend his unwillingness to soil his sleeping area or anywhere else in the house.

Any pup younger than 3 ? 4 months old will not have enough muscular control to do what you want him to. Almost any attempt to house-train a puppy before he his physically ready will only confuse him and set back all your training efforts. The most practical method of training involves paper training. He first learns that newspapers spread out on the floor are the place to go. Then his attentions are progressively directed to the outside.

Despite popular lore, housebreaking is neither a hard or extensive job. Ten days to two weeks will see the worst of it out of the way. Keep in mind that the job requires a constant vigilance, but if you do it right, there is a great feeling of accomplishment and it?s done for his lifetime.

You should exercise control over the intake as well as the outgo. The puppy will be fed at regular intervals and he should be watered only at specific times. Give him his water bowl about an hour after he has finished eating and let him during as much as he wants. About half an hour after the watering, start watching or take him out for ?time to go.?

The ideal housebreaking room is the kitchen as it usually has a linoleum floor and in most cases a back door leading outside. Wherever you choose as his room, put down several layers of newspaper or training pads are now available. When he relieves himself, praise him, and pick up the sheets he used right away.

If he doesn?t use the papered area, take him gently over to the spot, push his nose at it, but not in it, and tell him ?No, bad dog?, and then take him outside immediately. Have faith in him and praise his accomplishments, if you?ve done everything patiently and well up to now, you may never have another moment of trouble with him.

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