Your Guide to Renting with a Pet

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Your Guide to Renting with a Pet

by Randy Jones

In the past the rental market wasn?t a very pet friendly place, but in current times there are more pet owners in the market place, so that landlords have become more negotiable. When looking for a rental property, only approach listings that allow pets when you begin your search. If this doesn?t lead to success, then and only then approach listening that do not specify that pets are welcome, and leave the ?no pets allowed? listings as a last resort.

While some listings may be swayed from their ?no pets? policy, most can?t be due to a previous bad experience. And even the landlords that allow pets may require proof of responsible pet ownership from you in the form of references. A letter of recommendation from your former landlords about your pet can work wonders. Include your past landlords names addresses, phone numbers, in chronological order.

Veterinary records and recommendations, including up to date vaccinations, certificates of good health (these are flea and tick control medication you use, the dogs spay/neuter status and any other positive details you may wish to include.)

If your dog has had any special training for obedience or showmanship from trainers or organizations, by all means include them in your pet resume. Be prepared to work hard finding out what makes landlords say yes to pets. you should include a picture of your pet with the resume, and never take him or her with you to the initial meeting with the landlord, unless asked to do so.

Lastly, demonstrate that you are a responsible pet owner and a good tenant. Offer to pay a pet deposit if required, preferably a refundable deposit. Provide a written statement that you will always keep your dog on a leash when outside, and that you will clean-up after your pet. If the landlord wants to meet your pet, it helps to exercise the dog well before the meeting time to release excess energy which will put him in a more calm condition.

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