Your Pup And Other Dogs

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Your Pup And Other Dogs

by V Brown

Whether you?ve got a big dog or small one of the most important aspects of its training is teaching it to play well and not become aggressive when other dogs come near.

If you have a new puppy this socialisation should start as soon as possible after your pup has received its vaccinations. Many vets and dog training schools hold what they call puppy classes nowadays; the pup attends a regular session usually over a short period ? say five or six weeks for an hour at a time - where it comes into regular contact with other puppies.

If you can?t get to a class like this or there is not one available you may even be able to start something similar of your own.

One of the key aspects to socialising is getting your pup to act within the boundaries of normal behaviour while there are other dogs present: this means it won?t be trying to jump all over the other dogs, it won?t be growling, yapping or acting in a submissive way.

One quick way to start socialising your puppy for yourself is, if possible, you can arrange for a few other puppies to be available, and getting together in an enclosed area where they will be in reasonably close contact with the other pups, while still being close to you on a lead. Take their regular bedding or blanket and teach them to just lay down while the other pups are there. While your pup will initially become excited at the thought of having playmates, some praise and/or treats will soon teach them to ignore what is going on around them.

Each time you meet the period of mad activity with the pups will become shorter and it won?t be long before they learn to walk past other dogs without paying too much attention them at all.

Before long you?ll be able to walk your dog down the street and not have to worry when you see another dog coming the other way.

V Brown is a long time dog owner/lover who has recently introduced a new puppy into her house. For futher information please visit The Dog House

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