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dog Training Collar

by Jay Edwards

Dog training collar this is exactly what it says it is this revolutionary way of what i would call making your dog do all the right things the dos the do not, in essence the collar trains the dog not the owner maybe the people that invented this contraption wanted the dog and the dog training collar to form a bond more than the owners themselves with the dog!

It`s a glorified electronic way to train your dog, but to me i personally prefer to use good old fashioned dog obedience training-dog house training , as i`ve said time and time again in my dog training article`s there`s good and bad method`s in dog training book`s , dog training school`s, and all over the internet granted .However i feel if a trainer develope`s a natural instinct and feel for their dog during dog training this is what form`s that nessesary bond! I feel that using a dog training collar abandon`s natural reflex response`s between owner and dog which make`s for a less enjoyable experience that i loved when i trained my dog oscar i trained him with gesture`s and verbal command`s so the dog didn`t feel forced like with a dog training collar to us both it felt natural .

At the end of the day we are not taught to do any thought processe`s by wearing a human training collar we are taught by our parent`s or guardian`s by a natural teaching process. I learn`t all my dog training skill`s and methology via a dog training website i came across . At first glance i knew it was something special because it had traditional value`s but with a uniqueness to it. The young lady in question is a very highly respected dog trainer in north hollywood called dove cresswell who has a hgh ranking cv in the world of dog obedience training she use`s traditional method`s but with her own hallmark on it! Dog training collar.

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