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Cody passed away on 7/09/12 at 13 yrs old - in the arms of his loved ones - he was a very lucky dog to have such loving dog parents


Hi Ann,
Boston Terrier Long time since we talked so I thought a short note would be in order. All is fine around here. Cody is 2 1/2 years old now and doing great. How God ever put so much energy in such a little package, only God will know! We purchased a new motor home in Oct. It is a 36'6" Holiday Rambler, Admiral. We go on quite a few trips and Cody loves it.

As you know Barb has a small pump in her stomach area that helps with her back pain. When it mal functions or the battery goes dead (about every 5 years for the battery) a high frequency pitch is put out and she has to have it checked by a doctor with a special computer attachment. It is filled monthly and has to be replaced about every 5 years. Any way, Barb had lost some weight and the tube became crimped. The HF alarm sounded. You or I cannot hear the HF pitch without a stethoscope. Cody can hear it several yards away. He did not like it and began watching Barb closely and whining, wanting to be very close to her.

Boston Terrier

When we realized why, we went to the doctor and he verified the pump had problems. Barb had to have surgery. The doctor got another pump to test and sure enough every time he made it mal function, Cody alerted in the same way. At that point we decided to have him registered as a "SERVICE DOG". He is so well mannered we had no problems. Now he has a little service dog vest and ID. Because of ADA Federal laws and every state has laws that allow him to go any where we do. Stores, restaurants, trains, airplanes (free 1st class) or any where that is open to the public. We have never had any problem. He knows when the vest is on he must be on his best behavior. He just heals right next to Barb and ignores other people and dogs. It sure makes it nice for us as we can stay in any park. Even those who do not allow pets. It is a civil and now criminal offense for anyone to deny him access to any where that the public is allowed. Most businesses are aware of this and have all been very nice. I carry a copy of the laws just in case we ever have any one who does not know the laws on service animals. When he has the vest off (95%) of the time. He is just a ball of energy. He caught his first squirrel a few weeks ago. He has more toys than the pope has Catholics.

Hope you are doing well. Keep in touch.

Frank & Barb Ambrose


Boston Terrier

Hi Ann, Just thought I would let you know that Cody slept on Barb's lap all the way home. Tinkled outside, had a bath, played with some of his new toys ( he loves the rawhide ), went in and out the doggie door several times and passed out asleep in his bed. The bed has an afghan in it and he found it on his own! He's sound asleep now. One happy family! I forgot to ask you how often and how much have you been feeding him? I need to know so I can keep him on the same schedule for a while. I went to your web page and you really do good work! LOOKS GREAT! Thanks, Frank

Thanks again Ann. Sounds like I will be up early. He's having a great time. Likes to chase us and bark at us. He acts like he is hiding behind some thing and tries to jump out and scare us by barking. Of course we knew where he was but we go along with his little game. A little personality of his own. He wet outside 2 times and then pooped outside. He is smart!!! Boy, a lot of poop for such a small guy! Frank

Boston Terrier

Hi Ann, Cody is doing fine this morning. You can get the doggie doors at a place like Home Depot or Dr. Pet's center. They make them special for sliding glass doors. They are and expensive one time expense but last forever. We have had ours over 15 years and have just had to replace the clear plastic door a few times. They are great investments. We have been holding Cody a lot and he fell asleep on me in the recliner last night. Then we put him back to bed around 2 a.m. and he was OK until he wanted fed at 8:30. It was funny because a little while ago Barb and I were in the kitchen and Cody started barking in the family room. He was barking at the empty recliner! He wanted someone to sit down and hold him. He wet one time on paper last night before we put him down for the night. Other then that he has pottied outside 3 times and peed outside the rest. We try to take him out about every hour or so and he does his business in seconds and heads for the doggie door. We make him use the doggie door to get use to them. We have to lift the clear rubber a little to encourage him. As soon as he sees it he's in. He is fast!!!!!!Frank
P.S., You need to get some of those cheap raw hide sticks. He loves them and chews on one for a long while. Cheap toy that's good for their teeth and keeps them busy.

Hi Ann, Just wanted you to know Cody is doing fine. Right now he is in the family room asleep in my recliner. I think he took it over. About 30 minutes ago I heard him barking and he was trying to jump up into the recliner as that is where we always hold him. I picked him up and put him in the recliner and he was asleep in less than 30 seconds. He also has a teddy bear that's bigger then he is and he has fallen in love with it. He drags it all around with him and fights with it constantly then he will fall asleep with his head laying on the teddy bear. What a character! He went 8 hours last night in his room and no accidents. Only had a couple since we had him. Boston Terrier Hope you are fine. All the best!Frank

Hi Ann, Cody is doing great. He is completely house trained now and we are having a great time. I took this picture this evening 7/2/99. Thought you would like to see it. I will go ahead and attach 2 pictures. This is HIS teddy bear. Look at his eyes saying " don't mess with my teddy bear ". He goes in and out all the time through his doggie doors. We leave them in at night and no accidents at all. Barbara usually gets up early in the A.M. and lets him go out. He is really smart and a lot of fun and love.
Hope you are doing well. Keep in touch! All the best, Frank

Radiodog Hi Ann, Cody guarding my ham radio gear

Hi Ann, Thought you would like to see this picture I just took with my computer viewcam of Cody (Sept.09,99) in front of my Ham radio equipment. He is doing fine and has became a part of the family. All the best, Frank

All Grown Up-8 months old
Radiodog's Growing Up
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