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Sam the Wonder Dog
a story from reader Frannorman Parker

Dear Anny,
Just visited your site-your pups are so beautiful. My last Boston passed away years ago. His name was Sargent Sam, we called him Sam.

He saved family members lives on more than one occasion-once by scratching me on the shoulder in my sleep, then running into my, then 1 yr old daughters bedroom. She was having a convulsion and we were lucky Sam alerted us.

The second time was when we lived in an old house. The heater on the side of the stove and had started to give out smoke in the wee hours of the morning-again Sam rushed into our bedroom and scratched me on the shoulder -this time I ran too because I knew someone or something was in danger.

Bostons are a remarkable breed, so intuitive, perhaps that is why we have had them in our family for ages. I have pictures going all the way back to the early forties of Bostons my family has had. You might say it was a family thing. My sister broke the chain in the seventies when she got a basset hound-surprised the whole family.

Sam was 9 when he died of a stroke. He was the father of 4 litters (six pups each time) by Cinder our female. He was the best dog ever. I miss him every day. I am now disabled and wish I could afford a Boston but unfortunately on my limited income it is not possible. Thanks to you and other folks online though I can visit my favorite babies anytime I want.

Sincerely, Frannorman Parker -


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