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Boston Terrier Stud Dog
Boston Terrier Stud Dog

If you are wanting to breed your dog to Scooter you must email me a copy of your AKC registration or AKC pedigree, I only breed him to AKC registered females

Mr. Personality-just look at that face, the kind of face you just can't say no to cause he gets his feelings hurt so easily-so he usually gets his way-in other words he's spoiled rotten. He is well mannered, loves to go for rides, chase rabbits and squirrels but doesn't bother the chickens or peacocks. Likes to run ahead of the horse when I'm riding, loves to sleep, he's my little boy-always there by my side when we go for walks out here in the country.

This handsome muscular male Boston Terrier is named Scooter
Born 6/15/98, 23 lbs. He is ready, willing and able. He is a proven stud as you can see. Since he is a frequently used Sire his DNA is on file with the AKC. You may bring your female to him for service and leave her here for a few days so he can get the job done right. The breeding fee is female -"Pick of the Litter". I only breed him to AKC registered females and you must email her registration to me first. I do not sign the litter registration until after the puppies are born and I have chosen my puppy. He has sired many beautiful puppies. If you are wanting to breed your female to Scooter please fill out the contact form on the bottom of this page.

You may also want to consider having me help you sell the puppies online by advertising them on this website. Please email for program details.

Boston Terrier Stud Dog
Boston Terrier Stud Dog

Scooter has sired many beautiful puppies but he is no longer with us but up in heaven where I hope to see him someday at the Rainbow Bridge

These are some of the puppies Scooter has Sired




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